Pity the poor printer

Pity the poor printer.  Beset by the Internets, iPads, Smart Phones, Kindles, Pay Walls and all things electronic, but, HA, we still have you if you want to hold a real newspaper or magazine in your hand. Or we do until Meganews hits the streets.  The concept behind Meganews is based on people’s desire to

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Agricultural waste can be turned into air pollution or paper

While investigating the situation in Clayoquot Sound I made friends with a Greenpeace associate.  We didn’t agree on everything, but we each trusted the other and stayed in touch.  A few months after the trip he asked if I would participate in a test program to make newsprint from rice straw. Representatives from Greenpeace, The

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Di’s have it.

Western Web is excited (Yippie!) about our new Ryobi 3034 DI press. This technology was developed in the 1990’s.  My good friend Art and I went to see the very first one made by Heidelberg unveiled during a trade show.  The press was secreted behind a huge, black drape, viewable by invitation only. The operators

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Dscoop: Partying Like it is 2099

I was standing at the entrance to a printing trade show in New Orleans.  The atmosphere was electric.  People were streaming in, all smiles, much energy.  The floor was crowded, the booths all jammed. Live jazz was being played in the lobby. I had never seen anything like it.  I was finally swept into the

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