The future of printing is in color and our sixteen unit Tensor press with UV Curing for printing gloss is ready. We have four towers which prints every page in dot-for-dot register, pop off the page, full color.

Our registration is stunning. Starting in pre-press with the latest CTP technology for perfect placement, electronic and semi-automated plate punch and bend, straight through to accurate pins on the plate cylinder – placement of the image is nearly perfect at startup.

Matching proofs to the printed page is a huge problem. Again, we get a head start on the competition with automation. The same file you send to us for output is used to preset the ink keys on the press. Think about it, your designer literally sets the ink on our press based on the densities they choose. We have invested in technology to do everything we can to make color matching a reality.

And, the results? Let us send you some eye-popping samples. The best way I can explain how great our color reproduction looks is to relay a true story. I showed samples of our work to a key person at Kodak (maker of our CTP system). He asked for 200 samples. “Why so many?” I asked. He wanted to send them to the sales force WORLD WIDE because they were the best he had seen.

We also have won far more.

That’s quality. That’s what you can expect from Western Web.