Western Web, Inc. turns Six

Western Web was born in June of 2005 during the planning stages for construction of a printing plant to produce The Eureka Reporter. Western Web, Inc came into being as a self-supporting commercial printer on April fool’s day 2010. Happy Birthday to us.

With over 125 customers ranging from Texas to Washington we have an established base of work that keeps us busy year round. This time last year we had fifteen people working here. Today there are twenty. Forty percent of them have been here since before the first day the press ran in 2005.

We’ve been through some difficult times, but the good people who work here and the terrific people we serve made it possible for us to survive and prosper.

Birthdays are a time for new beginnings, so it is time to dust off the old WWeBlog and see if we can’t keep it current again.

In January 2012 when we launched the WWeBlog I Double Dog Swore to keep it interesting and current. This time I will only say we will try to post when we have time and think we have something worthwhile to say.



About the Author:

Steve Jackson, His plan was to be a High School science teacher, but he got a part time job in a print shop and he's made the best of it.

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