It may not be the cover of the Rolling Stone, but page 34 of the best printing publication out there, Newspapers and Technology, impresses the hell out of me and Jack.

I ran into the owner of EPG, the company that makes our amazing ink preset hardware/software, at Graph Expo in Chicago.  It is the biggest print/mail tradeshow in the US, so you run into a lot of people.  I was there looking for equipment to improve our aging inkjet department (which I did, more later) but I stopped in their booth as I love EPG and how their technology improves our quality and allow us to do short run 4/c work affordably.

Having EPG ink auto setting technology on our press allows the designer in the publisher’s office set the ink on our press automatically.  The software calculates the ink density and presets the ink levels on press based on the ink densities you set on your computer.  Cool, huh?

It is really fun to watch our press start up.  The ink settings are near perfect as soon as the paper cleans up.  The press operator still needs a fine eye to get it perfect, but by starting out really, really close to the final ink settings we insure the best possible color match.

I told the owner Pete, again, how much I loved his product and he had his marketing person, Claudia of   Kreiss Communications call.  She wrote this News and Tech article. The photo was taken by Ted who works in the warehouse, but now prefers the title, Ted, Nationally Published Photographer.

Of course it is a marketing piece, but it’s all true and you wouldn’t begrudge us an opportunity to make our Mothers proud, would you?