Equipment List

Equipment List 2018-05-03T17:50:28+00:00

  • Tensor 16 unit press (4-4 high towers) with H-50 folder, fully motorized registration and EPG auto-color
  • Four Jardis splicers
  • Gammerler KL 5017/1-L Stacker
  • NEW – Prime UV ink cure for gloss printing on web
  • (2) Kodak Trendsetter News 50 Computer To Plate
  • Kodak Prinergy Evo automated pre-flight
  • Kodak Prinergy Evo PDF front end – refine/trap/proof/output
  • Kodak Prinergy Evo Staccato (Stochastic Screening)
  • Kodak Prinergy Evo web growth (to reproduce dot-for-dot registration)
  • If you made it this far we should point out NO other commercial printer we know has all that cool software to reproduce the ultimate in web printing quality
  • Mail Manager for really accurate mailing
  • Domino L400 Ink Jet with two heads, eight jets. Can print color, graphics, QR codes
  • Prism Jet Mail III
  • Editor GT sofware
  • Kirk Rudy offline ink jet mailing system
  • Kirk Rudy Tabber, for mailings and front page notes
  • Mueller Martini 335 six pocket plus cover feeder stitcher/trimmer with online ink jet mailing capability
  • (2) Mueller Martini 227 seven into one inserting machine with online ink jet mailing capability
  • (2) Kirk Rudy off-line quarter folder
  • Ryobi DI 3404
  • Stahl folder
  • Pro Cut 320 paper cutter

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