Actually Dscoop is the HP Digital Printing user group.  They put on an annual show.  This year it is in DC, at the Gaylord (which just sounds expensive).  When my friend Phill asked if I wanted to go, I said jokingly, “If someone would pay my air fare, hotel and expenses, sure, I’d go.”  Phill said HP would gladly do that.

I spent the next hour trying to talk Phill out of it.  He stood firm.  HP was going to pay my way even if I had no money and no digital business.  I argued I didn’t have the time.  Phill pointed out it was a valuable conference and only an idiot would turn him down.

So, at 5:15 AM on March 21 I get on to a puddle jumper at the Eureka/Arcata airport.  I don’t like small planes, and by small I’m thinking anything that you couldn’t comfortably fit three Greyhound buses end to end inside.  To give you an idea of how small this plane is I have an aisle seat, and a window seat.  That is small.

Still, the show will be amazing, HP is debuting their new B2 size digital press the Indigo 10000 which is why Phill wanted me to go.  It would be so cool to have this press here at Western Web.

Problem is we’ve been saving our pennies, but still we’re about $1.4 million dollars short.

While I’m at the show Jack will be collecting aluminum cans and empty bottles to see if we can raise the difference.  Me, I’ll be at the show working night and day in DC.  Somebody’s got to do it.

I’ll try to keep updating this with the latest HP dazzlers.

– Steve