Our ProImage NewsWayX server in concert with our Kodak Trendsetter Computer To Plate (CTP) system is truly state-of-the-art.

Files are sent from any location to our secure FTP site. From there files are preflighted for virtually every problem possible; RGB files, low res files, font problems, if something is amiss – Evo finds it.

Your file is then processed, including trapping all elements before sending directly to the CTP unit.

We output everything using stochastic screening. Stochastic goes beyond halftones to provide nearly continuous tone reproduction quality.

(Stochastic screen on the left, traditional halftone on the right)

Many registration problems are caused by what some call web growth. After the paper goes through the first unit and gets wet, it stretches – making the other colors not register properly. For years this was helped using rollers or air blasts on the press to try to warp the paper back to its original size. Not at Western Web. We invested in Kodak’s amazing web growth software. This adjusts the image, based on size and type of stock, to allow for web growth. The result – the best registration in the business.

Western Web produces simply the finest open web printing available. Our pre-press software, hardware and experienced staff make it possible.