We care about the environment. It isn’t a marketing slogan, it is who we are.

Steve was instrumental in connecting the recycling company Smurfit with Greenpeace on a breakthrough program to turn rice straw into newsprint in the 90’s. He was pushing recycled news in the 80’s, even though customers were pushing back. He met with First Nation natives in Canada, met with BC Ministry of Forests, toured Clayquot Sound, spoke with Robert Kennedy Jr., all players in the Clayquot Sound controversy at the heart of Canadian logging practices. He toured the Silviculture experimental forest where BC Ministry of Forests worked with mills regarding alternative harvests. After all that, Steve became a major proponent for using recycled paper wherever possible. Steve was on the ground, directly involved in green forest practices thirty years ago and still is.

We run low VOC vegetable-based inks and paper that is at least 40% Post-Consumer Waste and 100% recycled (the remainder is mill waste, mostly sawdust). We were early adopters of processless plates. That means nothing goes down the drain at Western Web, well, other than the obvious, er, releases from our employees.

We invested in a $36,000.00 plant wide upgrade to energy efficient lighting.

We do have waste. Ink and water get dirty and need to be replaced sometimes. We do all we can to minimize the waste and we send ALL waste to be properly disposed of by a reputable waste treatment facility.

Green, we do that. We do it right. Not so we can talk about it on our web site, but because we believe it.