Steve Jackson
Steve JacksonPresident
Sales, estimating and business stuff
Voice – 707-444-6236 x501 • Cell – 707-834-0987
Mike Morris
Mike MorrisProduction Manager
707-444-6236 x502 • Cell – 530-521-1940
Trish Cornwell
Trish CornwellOffice Manager
Bookkeeping, phones, pretty much single handedly holds the company together
707-444-6236 x509
Kevin Bell
Kevin BellCSR/Designer
Um, Customer service and graphic design as the title implies
707-444-6236 x513
Kevin Houle
Kevin Houle
707-444-6236 x511
Dave Drickey
Dave DrickeyMaintenance Technician
Think MacGyver for the printing industry, Dave can do anything
707-444-6236 x503
Ryan Barsanti
Ryan BarsantiPrePress Technician
He only comes out at night to make your plates right
707-444-6236 x504
Ken King
Ken KingTruck Driver
Mike Hammers
Mike HammersTruck Driver
Richard Pope
Richard PopePress Operator
Bill Donnelly
Bill DonnellyPress Operator
Lea Shapiro
Lea ShapiroSecond Press Operator
Tim Poe
Tim PoeSecond Press Operator
Jason Childress
Jason ChildressPress Operator
Justin Henry
Justin HenryBindery Operator
Patrick Reed
Patrick ReedBindery Operator
Andrew Riggs
Andrew RiggsPress
Rob Rodgers
Rob RodgersBindery
Kurt Hufft
Kurt HufftDriver/Warehouse