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Steve Jackson, His plan was to be a High School science teacher, but he got a part time job in a print shop and he's made the best of it.

Western Web Wins Again

Western Web wins a lot of awards at print quality competitions. That is because we have good equipment, great people running it and fantastic designers sending us cool stuff to print. In our eleven years we’ve won more regional and national print quality awards than any other web printer in California. A lot more. Most

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Happy Earth Day

  We all see the “save a tree” encouragements designed to shame us into not using paper, but are they really true? No, in North America trees are doing just fine thanks.  It is blatant greenwashing. The forests of North America cover more ground on Earth Day 2016 than they did when Sen. Gaylord Nelson

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In virtually every other country in the world, the weights of various paper types are described by the simple definition of grams per meter squared (GMS). In Montreal, Paris, or Kabul for that matter, 52 GMS paper is heavier than 45 GMS. However we live in the USA where we boldly ignore the far superior


Hell Freezes Over

At least that is how one of my favorite Blogs, Dead Tree Edition describes it, but it is good news for mailers. April 10 postal rates will go down for the first time since World War 1. This is not based on the generosity of the Postal Service as evidenced by the title of their

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Western Web, Inc. turns Six

Western Web was born in June of 2005 during the planning stages for construction of a printing plant to produce The Eureka Reporter. Western Web, Inc came into being as a self-supporting commercial printer on April fool’s day 2010. Happy Birthday to us. With over 125 customers ranging from Texas to Washington we have an

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No shirt, no shoes, no problem

In forty years of selling printing I’ve landed accounts in some odd ways.  Once I walked through the door of a monthly magazine and the receptionist shouted, “WE DON’T HAVE ANY PAPERS, THE PRINTER IS LATE – AGAIN.”  To which I happily replied, “I’m here to see the publisher about solving that problem.”  I met with

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Pity the poor printer

Pity the poor printer.  Beset by the Internets, iPads, Smart Phones, Kindles, Pay Walls and all things electronic, but, HA, we still have you if you want to hold a real newspaper or magazine in your hand. Or we do until Meganews hits the streets.  The concept behind Meganews is based on people’s desire to

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Printing. Funny?

So you think printing is boring ink on paper stuff.  Ha. Printing is funny. Here are my two favorite typo stories from the last thirty years. I’m visiting my good friends and customers at Redding Homes.  The Publisher is a restrained military type married to a very sweet, quiet, shy woman who holds the title

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Winner, Winner Sushi Dinner

Western Web is just giddy to announce we’ve been honored with four awards at Printing Industries of America’s, Web Offset Association (WOA) 2013 Print Awards Competition.  We received two firsts and two seconds.  Western Web has won seven first place awards in this competition in four years.  No other open web printer in the whole

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