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Printing. Funny?

So you think printing is boring ink on paper stuff.  Ha. Printing is funny. Here are my two favorite typo stories from the last thirty years. I’m visiting my good friends and customers at Redding Homes.  The Publisher is a restrained military type married to a very sweet, quiet, shy woman who holds the title

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Winner, Winner Sushi Dinner

Western Web is just giddy to announce we’ve been honored with four awards at Printing Industries of America’s, Web Offset Association (WOA) 2013 Print Awards Competition.  We received two firsts and two seconds.  Western Web has won seven first place awards in this competition in four years.  No other open web printer in the whole

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Using Paper KILLS TREES!

Nonsense, trees are a renewable resource.  Did you know there are more trees in the USA than there were on the 1st Earth Day in 1970?  Western Web only buys from domestic mills with a record of sustainability. Besides, paper is still a very valuable part of everyday life.  As proof we offer:

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